Valuation and Deal Closures

Dev Mantra Financial services perform formal and informal Valuation & Deal Closure for each of business purposes, such as – Business Purchase, Business Sale, M&A (Mergers & Acquisition), Restructuring, IPO(Initial Public Offer), Valuation for Court Cases, Intellectual property disputes, Valuation for Compliance & Planning.

Valuation for Transactions:

  • Business Purchase
  • Business Sale
  • M&A (Mergers & Acquisition)
  • Reverse Merger
  • Recapitalization
  • Restructuring
  • LBO (Leverage Buy Out)
  • MBO (Management Buy Out)
  • MBI (Management Buy In)
  • BSA (Buy Sell Agreement)
  • IPO(Initial Public Offer)
  • ESOPs
  • Buy back of shares
  • Project financing and others

Valuation for Court Cases:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Contractual disputes
  • Ownership disputes
  • Dissenting and Oppressive shareholder cases
  • Divorces cases
  • Intellectual property disputes and other

Valuation for Compliance’s:

  • Fair Value Accounting
  • Tax Issues

Valuation for Planning:

  • Estate Planning
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • M&A Planning
  • Strategic Planning

The Process of Our Valuation