Real World Examples

Detect Fraudulent Behavior

  • PO changes after approval
  • Duplicate suppliers with same address

Embedded Preventive / Automated Compensating Controls

  • Alert on customer transactions over $ threshold
  • Prevent journals from being entered and posted by same individual

Search for Anomalies

  • Transactions not compliant with PO terms
  • Sales orders > acceptable $ range

Configuration Controls

  • Mark specific fields mandatory to avoid incomplete transaction entry
  • Monitor changes in configured controls

Agile Business Management

  • Analyze Stock in Transit > x days, Stock write off, Slow moving and Non – moving goods
  • Review drastic changes in credit limit of debtors
  • Manage and Clear Vendor Open Items, Bank Open Items & customer open Items effectively
  • Proper classification of current Assets
  • Review changes in Depreciation Key & Change in life and classification of Fixed Asset
  • Analyze Customer late receipts