MIS Reporting

MIS Reporting & Documentation is one of the most important functions for any and every project. It results in complete accountability. Both documentation and reporting remove indispensability. Dev Mantra’s Management Information System (MIS) helps organizations manage information in a structured form and capture the potential information for competitive advantage. MIS helps improve the overall performance of an Organization. Our MIS process starts with Capturing Data, Processing Data, Information Storage, Information Retrieval and finally Information Propagation.

Major functions of Devmantra MIS includes :

  • Developing quality benchmarks for your business.
  • Providing holistic view on dynamics and structure of the information
  • Disseminating information on various quality parameters of the market
  • Collecting, organizing, manipulating and updating large amount of raw data of both related and unrelated nature
  • coming from various internal and external sources at different period of time
  • Providing real-time information for ongoing events without any delay
  • Supporting various output formats and follow latest rules and regulations in practice
  • Providing organized and relevant information for all levels of management—strategic, operational and tactical