Financial Due Diligence

The purpose of our Financial Due Diligence work is to enable the prospective purchaser or investor to make an informed decision whether to proceed with the transaction or not.

The objectives of our financial due diligences are set out below:

  • To confirm information provided by the seller
  • To assist negotiation with information discovered
  • To inform the prospective purchaser or investor
  • To confirm the net assets, both title and value
  • To support the price being paid /invested
  • To help set the warranties and indemnities
  • To assess the existence and value of available security

Financial due diligence mostly sought for the following transactions:

  • Dis-investments
  • Strategic investments or a private equity investment
  • Acquisition of an undertaking / business
  • Acquisition of shareholding interest
  • Inbound and overseas investments
  • Listing of securities in Indian and overseas markets

The process of our due diligence:

“The steps involve an interface with management and other advisors to ensure that all aspects of the project are duly considered and reviewed. This is a pre-requisite for a well informed decision.”